What is a WordPress Image Plugin?

A wordpress image plugin is a bit of a software that can be uploaded to extend the functionality of your wordpress website. There are tons available for free download, but others are premium or paid. Why should you consider paying for a plugin?

  • Paid plugins offer a full time support. Although a free wordpress image plugin can be pretty tempting, it does not come with the staff and development support that maintain security of your website. Also, it does not update on the latest version of wordpress, as well as other themes and plugins.
  • Free plugins can get in the way of your other plugins. Unlike paid plugins, the free ones can cause compatibility issues down the road. With a premium wordpress image plugin, rest assured that the support staff can help you out if anything goes wrong.

What can a wordpress image plugin do? Well, it provides you with photos for your wordpress in just seconds. PixelRockstar, for instance, is loaded with 4 million high quality stock photos in its library. You can search and add photos to your website and social media in just a few clicks. The photos you downloaded are yours to use forever, too. If you want to be legally sage – go with a paid wordpress photo plugin.

PixelRockstar is the wordpress image plugin that rocks. Here are 4 reasons why:

  • It’s easy to use.
  • It offers safe-to-use images.
  • It is affordable.
  • It allows you to use the images in social media outlets.

If your blog takes too long to load, you could lose money. People, nowadays, have shorter attention span. Every one second delay could cost you 7% of your conversions. The right wordpress plugin can enhance your website speed. PixelRockstar can do that – plus, the images are totally shareable to any social media outlet.

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